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"He eats two cloves of garlic."

Translation:El mănâncă doi căței de usturoi.

June 23, 2017



i doubt anyone recognizes the response to the incorrect guess. duolingo also accepts "el mananca doi usturoi" as a correct answer, which was taught in an earlier level.


It did not for me, today (july 2020)


This phrase appears within the basic "strengthen" categories but is yet to appear be introduced appropriately as part of a step wise curriculum. Where does it appear previously, no one can say. Is this perhaps the work of non language professionals who contribute because "it is fun" to do so.?

There is no substitute for discipline in the instruction of foreign language. Many of the items that appear in the "strengthen" categories do not appear previously & are a bit more advanced in concept. The program which has recently left beta should be reviewed again as the edcational levels do not match.


Two puppies of garlic you say? Damn, those poor garlic puppies...


"cățel" can mean puppy or a clove (of garlic).

English Wiktionary entry for cățel


We've never seen the word cloves, so how would we know their gender?


Why is Duolingo asking just now for the word cloves and not in the sessions before. Very confusing

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