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  5. "レストランはどこですか?"


Translation:Where is the restaurant?

June 23, 2017



Never in my life have I heard of this sentence.


In English this seems pretty natural, like the kind of thing that you'd say if someone was talking at length about a particular restaurant but hadn't yet told you where it was. Also, I could imagine saying it in a situation where we were going to meet people at a restaurant in a particular area, like a shopping plaza or a particular small town or commercial center, but we hadn't found it yet, and then we ask "Where is the restaurant?"


How would you say "where is the restaurant?"



By the way, "Where is a restaurant" sounds strange to me. I would say "Where can I find a restaurant"


this actually tripped me up. I'd have expected "where is the restaurant?", or "where are restaurants?" ("around here" being understood); but since that wasn't an option I got it wrong. hopefully it be updated.


I feel like with その it'd be closer to "Where can I find that Restaurant?" Like someone is talking about a restaurant they went to and you're asking where it is. Without その it seems like generally just asking where any restaurant is. Which is kind of weird.


The answer is "Where is a restaurant?" Probably because Japanese doesnt directly correlate to English the way we want it.

Whats important to understand here is that this specific sentence is asking for 'A' restaurant. Similar to how へやです。Just means, "It is a room." Or similar.

LearnJapanesePod has a good lesson on Ski, the word for Like. (I like food. Etc.) I suggest checking it out.


The answer is not 'Where is a restaurant'. どこ is asking for a specific location, not a generalization. Also, 'a' means 'one'. This is strange in English as it is in Japanese. One wouldn't say 'Where is one restaurant'.

どのへん・どのあたり would be closer to asking 'Where are some restaurants', but it could also be referring to the general location of a specific restaurant that is being inquired about.

I have used and heard this expression from Japanese native speakers to inquire about the location of a certain restaurant that we are supposed to meet at. It is a completely standard inquiry to 'Where is the restaurant?'.


Shouldn't it be "Where is the restaurant?"? But there is no "the" option.


Where is THE restaurant should be the correct answer.


me too.. i answered where is the restaurant


I just realized that in Portuguese (my mother language) it makes more sense.

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どこ is correct here, but どちら would be less blunt and more appropriate according to some native speakers.


If I'm asking someone "Where is this restaurant?" e.g. when asking someone for a specific restaurant, can I say "このレストランわどこですか?"


I'm assuming it's "a restaurant" instead of "the restaurant" because of some grammar quirk of Japanese. No idea though. Just a guess.


Japanese just doesn't have "the", they have "that", "those", "this" but no "the". It's mostly implied by the conversation if you're talking about a specific restaurant


It´s not just the Japanese, for example Slavic languages do not have it too.


I got this question wrong three times because I cant actually spell resturaunt :'(


you are not alone!


Why does it sound like PU ?
re-su-PU-ra-n. Shouldn't it sound like re-su-to-ra-n. ?

The audio recording, or the audio compression, is bad! It's misleading and confusing!

Or do I have the wrong pronunciation? Is it supposed to sound like PU ?


Maybe you have bad hearing or poor speakers. I definitely hear a crisp "resToran".


yes me too. Tho for me it's "stUran" but my ears want to hear "U" since つ says "tsu" but why isn't it "reTSUran"(that is the sound of that specific kana.)


It isn't retsuran because it actually says レ(re) ス(su) ト(to) ラ(ra) ン(n).

And my streak is from a bug that happened about 200 days ago. Support didn't even look at it when I contacted them, so it stays. :)


nice streak btw. 14701!


I put 'restaraunt' instead of 'restaurant' and I lost my streak... mabye fix typos more?


Well I got this wrong since I spelled restaurant as resturant


If you changed は to が i tjink it would make the sentence the restaurant.

Wa is topic partical, where is a restaurant, ga is specifier, where is the restaurant.

I am beginner student not expert though.


I wrote: Where is the resturaunt? But because I spelled it wrong it marked me wrong. Kind of unfair.


I don't understand. It should be " where is restaurant" why is it wrong?


Because in English you need to say "a restaurant" or "the restaurant", not just "restaurant".


My answer "Where is a restaurant?" was marked incorrect. Any thoughts?


OK, yet again it corrects because i spelled it wrong. Whoever made this, plz correct that. Thank you.


it marked me wrong because i spelt restaurant as 'resturaunt' :(


I typed "Where is a restaurant" and it was wrong. I took four years of Japanese, so I can guarantee it was right.


The original answer was "where is a restaurant" a few months ago but the English is so weird that I think people complained to have it removed. Please check other people's comments in this thread.


HELP! Why do I hear "re-STU-ra-n" instead of "re-TSU-ra-n"?!

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