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Placement Tests

What is the maximum grade you can get on a placement test?

Even if you get every question right or fail no more than one or two questions, it doesn't seem to score above level 10

It also appears inconsistent both in terms of outcome - one I got all correct but only scored level 8, another I made at least four errors but scored level 10 - and in terms of difficulty - the android version of the tests present somewhat more challenging questions to the PC version.

Is it designed as such so no one can "Master" a language instantly, and so one still has to complete the remaining challenges (either via short-cut tests or otherwise) to keep their interest?

June 23, 2017

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I know that after I mastered Spanish, I started new account and placed out of it - I scored around level 10 and my tree was almost instantly gold - only the last four or five lessons were left for me to do. I find that it's actually better to just complete the skill tree lesson by lesson because you get a more thorough review and more words thrown at you than you do when you test out of the tree.

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