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  5. "このとしょかんには五百さつの本があります。"


Translation:In this library, there are five hundred books.

June 23, 2017



Not many books in this library lol




Duo did say they live in a small village...


And the village they live in is so small they have to have a dog sell their hats, this is all becoming so clear...


It could be a library in someone's home. It's all relative.




Was wondering if this is grammatically correct: "In this library are five hundred books." It doesn't sound off to me necessarily.


In "proper" English it'd have to be "In this library there are five hundred books" or "There are five hundred books in this library" or "Five hundred books are in this library" although the last one kind of suggests you're primarily describing the location of 500 books, possibly out of a larger number of books ("and seven hundred are in that other library"), whereas the other two are centring the library. But your sentence is certainly understandable.


Actually, it is perfectly correct in English to invert the subject and the verb in such a way; see this particular example from “Subject–verb inversion in English”, as it is similar to Ben813848’s sentence:
In the vase are some flowers.
Notice that this would not be possible with a “weak definite pronoun”:
In the vase are they.incorrect


That "library" really knows how to set the bar high... lol


Still there is no "has" to choose. But Duo has accepted somewhere around 25-30 of my suggested translations! I feel like I'm contributing, a good feeling!


Would the meaning change if は was taken away?

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Could you also say 本が五百冊, or does it have to be the (number + counter + の + noun) construction?


I was wondering the same thing! I think it would also be correct.


Also possible with the item selection list is "In this library are 500 books." The "I" in "In" is also capitalized, whereas the "t" in "this" is not. [I know Duo doesn't care about capitals in the typed answer, but that is usually correct in the item list.] So why is this answer incorrect? [About the only guess I can make is that there is a の between 500 and books. I would think it is, however, too far away from "library" to be a possessive (the library's books, aka the library "has/owns" 500 books).


Hate to follow up my own question, but ... I just noticed that the word "has" isn't even in the selection list I was given. I did try "In this library there are 500 books," (adding the word "there") and Duo accepted it.


There are 500 books in this library.....marked wrong? Why?

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