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How do I get better at learning Spanish? (Without going to another country?)

Even though I am really far in Spanish on Duolingo, I still don't know the language very well. I really want to get better at it, and I know that going to a country where Spanish is spoken would probably be helpful, time and money just don't make that possible.

Any suggestions for ways that I can get better at it without leaving the country?

June 23, 2017



Try to immerse yourself watching TV and listening to music in Spanish and get a language partner there are many websites for that.


Lorel90 is very correct, but to add to that, try to find kid books or books with one page Spanish one English (I know there are bibles like that, but of course you may not want a bible). You could also try YouTube for videos : )


They're simply called bilingual books. Graded books are nice too.


As a person who knows how to speak 100% fluently spanish, I would recommend you to hear spanish everyday, watch videos from natives speaking, watch movies, watch spanish news, listening to spanish radio HELPS A LOT. Try reading in spanish simple books, YOUTUBE and the internet has a lot of good stuff, if you know a person who knows how to speak spanish or even better a native, speak to him/her. Find tutors through website, if you have enough economy try to get teachers. These are just some ways in millions of ways to help you. Hope I helped.


Yeah, that's good advice, all of those things have helped me too. I am probably around 95% fluent in Spanish, although I probably sound like a toddler to most native speakers. :P


It helps a lot, your phase is easy you already know how to speak spanish. You can actually sound like a native. Pero, también depende del acento, entre todos los que hay(Ibérico, Argentino, Mexicano y entre MUCHOS mas). Yo te aconsejo que aprendas el original, el ibérico. Como dije antes Youtube tiene mucho contenido excelente, escucha a nativos hablando. Even though it sound funny try imitating natives speaking. But native prounounciation and accent is not that important, while you know how to speak spanish without thinking and pausing, it is enough. Although you can always reach higher.


Well, apparently I already sound like a Panamanian, according to a friend. (That's why I said most. ;D) The Ibérican Spanish also sounds really weird to me after Latin American Spanish.


I think all of them are funny. :D.


Find a tutor on a site like Italki.


Thank you guys for your help. I'll try to do all those things.

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