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"Give me one kilogram of chicken, please."


June 23, 2017



I usually only see chicken as チキン here, whether on menus or at supermarkets.


Meat usually comes in packs of 500g and normally I'd buy ササミ


Ok, so I'm a bit confused with all different words for chicken right now =) It seems there's a distinction between a life (domestic) chicken: 鶏【にわとり】and chicken as food: 鶏肉【とりにく、けいにく】or 鳥肉【とりにく】. チキン seems to be a synonym for these (?!?) but entering it in http://google.co.jp (Images) results mostly in chicken meat ready for consumption, while 鶏肉 (also) shows raw chicken meat. ササミ seems to be a specific type of chicken meat i.e. chicken tender; chicken tenderloin (as opposed to e.g. drumsticks). Is this correct?


English also has this distinction: hen vs chicken, pig vs pork, cow vs beef.


Why is "キログラム" wrong, it means kilogram?

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