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  5. "Băiatul îmi cântă mie."

"Băiatul îmi cântă mie."

Translation:The boy sings to me.

June 23, 2017



My brain hurts. I need a lie down in a dark room!


How would I have determined that it was "for me" instead of "to me"?


The boy sings for me. = Băiatul cântă pentru mine.


of course! duh! thanks


i was going to ask the same. so thanks for the answers. BUT,please`explain why it is MIE and not PE MINE ? thanks.


I'm not Romanian, but if I understood it corretly, this lesson (and this sentence) is in the dative case. Mie is stressed dative and pe mine is stressed accusative, so Mie is the correct option here. (The boy sings to me).


What is the difference between "imi" and "ma"? Is it like when we need to say "to me" we use imi and to say "help me" we use ma ajuta? HELP


You've basically got it already. "îmi" is "to me" and "mă" is just "me". The only confusion is that sometimes in English we are inconsistent with "to me", e.g. you can say "Write me a letter" or "Write a letter to me". So the rule is if it is possible to phrase an English sentence in a form with "to me" then you should use the "îmi" form in Romanian.


Will " baiatul imi canta" be also correct - I ghink so but DL - not


Why are there no tips to explain these complicated pronoun rules??

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