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  5. "今日はノートをとらないでいいです。"


Translation:You don't need to take notes today.

June 23, 2017



"Today it is okay to not take notes" is this okay?


Wouldn't this be more natural asとらなくてみいいです。?


ノート also means notebook.


Which words equate to "need" here? This seems to be a loose translation. Not saying translation is wrong, I just dont understand how "need" is inferred.


Nothing in this sentence literally equates to "need". The closest natural translation is probably something like "today, it's okay to not take notes".

Personally, I wouldn't go so far as to say that equating "it's okay not to" with "there's no need to" is a "loose translation", but I can see what you mean. It takes a step away from a literal translation (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) for the sake of understandability in the target language (which is usually a good thing).


When is とる written as 取る vs 撮る?


撮る is exclusively for taking (as in capturing/filming) photos or videos, while 取る is for physically taking just about anything.


Alternative: You need not take notes today or You have no need of taking notes today.

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