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Genitive case

Hey you! ...... I would like someone shares me what is the genitive case? I cant 100% get it would be really cool if you are using English translations so it makes it easier ......If you got a good blog for explaining it ,it would be really so good and thanks in advance :)

June 24, 2017



The genitive case is basically the case that shows possession.

1) Possession

My dog's[G] food[N] - food is the subject (nominative[N]) and the dog is the owner (genitive[G]).

Das Essen[N] meines Hundes[G] = Meines Hundes[G] Essen[N].

The second form is outdated. Rather use the first form "Das Essen meines Hundes".

2) Dative replacing Genitive (colloquial)

Der Vater[N] der sieben Töchter[G] = Der Vater[N] von den sieben Töchtern[D]

The second form is only used colloquially and is not considered "good" German.

That's the jist of the genitive case (Thanks to Heike333145 and guitarluehe for correcting my post).


In general I agree with your comment. However, there are mistakes in your second forms.

"Das Essen[N] meines Hundes[G] = Mein Hunds[G] Essen[N]."

The form on the right-hand side should be:

"Meines Hundes Essen."

But this form is outdated. The modern form is only the one on the left-hand side.

"Der Mann[N] des Schlosses[G] = Das Schloss'[G] Mann[N]."

This right-hand form is not possible, and the left-hand form unfortunately does not make a lot of sense either (its form is correct, but I can't figure out a situation in which it would fit). Ah, now I see: You wrote "origin". In this case here, we would not use the genitive, but we would say: "Der Mann aus dem Schloss" (the man from the castle).

"Der Vater[N] der sieben Töchter[G] = Der Vater[N] von der sieben Töchtern[D]"

Here is a minor error in the right-hand form; it should be "von den sieben Töchtern".

(BTW, I did not downvote your contribution; I have no idea who did it. I would never downvote a sincere contribution.)


@Heike333145 and guitarluehe: Thanks, I'll remove those alternate versions. I didn't mean to misinform anyone (my bad) and will just stick to the general left hand form.

I had something like "Julias Essen" in mind and completely messed it up.


I did not downvote neither. But I confirm everything that Heike wrote.

Grammar is one first step into a language. But it often leads to learning uncommon sentences. It is very often preferable to use only the most commmon way for active speech and translating into a foreign language. Understanding and passive usage needs much more ways and expressions.


Thank u all guys I haven't been here for kinda so long ........thanks for ur replies but as a last question which one is correct (I am not talking whether it's outdated or not)

Meines Hunds Essen or Meines Hundes Essen?

And thanks so much


May I asked why my post was down voted? I apologise if I made a mistake. If so, could someone point it out?

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