"Voi aveți un măr ud."

Translation:You have a wet apple.

June 24, 2017

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How is "You have a wet apple" incorrect? "Have" versus "have got." ???


It should be correct, I filled in 'You have a wet apple' and it was right.


From Latin udus, whence Italian uggia, English udometer, Dalmatian joit, Aromanian ud, and that's a complete list


Why is "You ALL have a wet apple" not accepted? Isn't "voi" the second person plural form?


Yes, but it's not really a natural thing for English speakers to say.


People in the American South might disagree with you on that point (I'm not from there myself), although that's perhaps more dialect.

Duolingo accepts plenty of far more awkward-sounding solutions in various language pairs at times.


What does "wet apple" mean? (I am not a native english speaker.) Is there water on the apple? Or is the apple itself not solid, but somehow rotten?


Sometimes people might wash an apple before eating it (or preparing it for cooking). My own parents used to run an apple briefly under a cold tap before tucking into it or giving it to me to eat.

So an apple that has been rinsed under a tap could certainly be a wet apple for a short period of time.

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