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Tips for my Vietnamese notebook.

Chào !

I recently decided to grow back through the Vietnamese tree, as i decided that i wasn't retaining enough of this wonderful language.
I decided to copy down the tips & notes along with the sentences, and i would really appreciate it if you would give me any tips on how to improve my notebook.


Thanks so much!

Edit: I'll most likely keep the 'format' the same for the rest of the Tips & Notes, I.e, Shortening things when i can, big headings etc.

June 24, 2017



Very attractive note. I just would like to add pronouns.

1) I = tôi, tớ, mình, anh (when you are older than the one you are communicating with), em (when you are younger than the one you are communicating with), con (when you talk with your parents or with the old to show very close relation, used often in the south), cháu (when you talk with uncle, aunt, grand parents,...); the other cases are the way to be called by the one you are communicate with.

ex: if you are talking with your nephew, and you are his uncle. chú cho cháu kẹo này (I give you candies) = I = Chú

if you are talking with your baby, and you are her dad.. bố yêu con nhiều lắm. (i love you so much) = I = Bố

2) You (sing) = Bạn, cậu, ấy (not often use, very cute way), anh (when you are younger than the one you are communicating with), em (when you are older than the one you are communicating with), the other cases are the way to call parents, grand parents, uncle, aunt,...

ex: if you are talking with your dad, you are his daughter. Con yêu bố nhiều lắm (I love you so much) = You = con

ex: if you are talking with your uncle, you are his nephew Chú cho cháu kẹo nhé (let give me your candies) = you = cháu.

3) He = anh ấy, em ấy (male), ông ấy (old), chú ấy.

4) She = cô ấy, em ấy (female), bà ấy (old), chị ấy.

5) It = Nó

6) we = chúng tôi, chúng tớ, chúng mình, chúng em, chúng con, chúng cháu (relevant with the one you are communicating with)

7) You (Plu) = Các + You (sing) (bạn, cậu, anh, em, chị, cô, bà, chú,...)

8) they = họ.


Okay, I'll add those in, Thank you so much!


In my opinion, It is not good for someone who has just got their feet wet to know that there are too many options to translate a single word. It would be better to have another lesson on the pronoun regarding your comprehensive additions.


you means the same for 8 structures that you called simple? anyway. I agreed that it is necessary to have one complete lessons to talk about pronouns.


Wow! It's so nice!, I have a notebook, but I don't know how to order it, it's so messy...


Honestly, i spent at least 2 hours looking at 'notes inspiration' before actually writing that down.
I wanted it to look nice-ish.
I have a Japanese notebook and it's a disaster.


Oh really? I just write all the things that enter to my mind in my notebook, but, as Einstein said: "There's an order in my disorder"


Your learning notebook is so well-organised with beautiful hand-writing.

My advice is that you should have one more section, which is 8 structures of the simple sentence in Vietnamese. S (subject) V (transitive verb) O (object) is just one of them. Here is the complete list:

  1. S + V (intransitive)
  2. S + V (intransitive) + Cs (subject complement)
  3. S + V (transitive) + Od (direct object)
  4. S + V (transitive) + Od + Co (object complement)
  5. S + V (transitive) + Od + Oi (indirect object)
  6. S + V (intransitive) + Op (prepositional object)
  7. S + V (intransitive) + Cs1 + Cs2 + ...
  8. S + V (transitive) + Od + Co1 + Co2 + ...

Hope this helps!


Thank you !
I'll add that in :)


OMG! It's very beautiful ^-^ I like it :))


Wow...It's so nice, clearly and easy to remember!

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