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"What year was the year before last?"


June 24, 2017



it offered me 一昨年, but pronounced it as “いさくねん“ instead of “おととし“ . what's that? i can somewhat see that it seems to be another reading of the same characters, but what's the deal with that?


おととし and いっさくねん are two different readings of 一昨年 . Both have the same meaning, but いっさくねん is more formal and less common.


lmao I didn't know how to say 一昨年 (and I only remembered the formal way to say 一昨日) so I've just been guessing with いっさくねん!


一昨年は何年でしたか。 おととし isn't accepted in kanji form, but there you go for anyone wondering what it is.


this is weird, the listening question for this expression only accepts おととし, while the reading question for the same expression only accepts 一昨年


I typed おととし and it did not accept it. I am adamant about this and sent a report. they never taught the other way of saying it, and it does not appear in the hover bubble. Either teach `いさくねん‘ or accept both in all forms....


おととしは何年でしたか  wasn't accepted.  Is this a situation where you can't use the hiragana form of the word?




In duolingo's case, it's "use keyboard seems to be the only correct answer to the question, "What is the best way to get rid of this? In this case, the word "year before last" is pronounced correctly in both issaku nen and ototoshi. However, in duolinngo there are many other cases where the answer is incorrect even though they are all correct. Japanese people try to use it as an aid to studying English, but there are more than a few strange pronunciations and answers. I don't think you should worry too much about it.


How is this expressed in plain form? おととしは何年だったの? wasn't accepted, nor 一昨年は何年だったの? (Fairly sure it should be, I found some example sentences online like タンディのニックネームは何だったの?)


おととし is not accepted


Accidentally forgot か and it was accepted


でした is "was", the past tense of です
か is the question particle

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