why clubs only offers specific chatlines rather than open converstion

June 24, 2017


That would require moderators, reporting procedures, etc. At least, I think that is their reasoning.

In addition, and probably as a contrasting reason not to remove the chatlines completely, the phrases are also a little plus to language learning.

Yeah, another learning moment. Just wish it was a bit deeper though. Perhaps with responses allowed: thanks, etc.

but i hope i can at least talk about something actually related to the club itself, otherwise the existence of clubs are pretty much meaningless to me

Currently, the point of clubs is to trick you into competing with one another to reach the top of the leaderboard, all while learning the language that the club was targeted for. Remember that clubs are a work-in-progress, which is why it's only available on the mobile app right now. They might add conversations later when they can get mods to code a filter system.

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