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Duolingo Plus is Extremely Broken

After using Duolingo for over a year and accumulating almost 100,000 points I thought it would do the right thing and pay for the Plus service. It was exactly the right time as I would be travelling overseas and the ability to do lessons offline and have them sync later seemed ideal.

For the first few days it seemed to be operating fine; I had downloaded the German tree and was working my way through it. Then I downloaded the French tree, and several problems started to emerge.

When connected to a local wireless or even international data roaming (dear god, my poor wallet), the application would attempt to start, and then crash. I have submitted several bug reports with system logs to this effect.

As a result of this my 370 day streak was broken and none of the 2000+ points I had accumulated offline were synced. The application had effectively become "offline only".

Now the situation has gotten worse. Last night close to midnight I tried to start Duolingo again. When I woke up this morning it hadn't progressed beyond a 'black screen of death'.

As you can imagine I am less than happy with this situation. A paid service should provide a better service, not one which destroys the efforts one has made.

At the very least I would like my streak and points to be reinstated. I'll cancel my payment and try to squeeze in 5 lessons a day at wireless hot spots etc. But at the moment, I cannot trust Duolingo Plus.

Android 6.24.980.1, HTC One_M8

June 24, 2017



Thanks for letting us know! We'll take a look.


Thank you for this response, much appreciated.


By the way, we've repaired your streak!


My Duolingo Plus account seems to have disappeared along with my 264+ streak! Please repair it, and let me continue with my gems account, not the old lingots. When I do get into Plus, I seem to be right back at the beginning each time.


This account, https://www.duolingo.com/Blinnie62, still shows your Plus account.

Probably, you made a new account in the iOS app instead of logging in on your Plus account.

Solution in the iOS app:


Perhaps you could repair mine. I have lost access to my French Portuguese course. I try to get back and I am told someone has already used the email address. Of course it's me! In the meantime I receive messages telling me to continue with my learning. I wisi could get back to where I left and not have to start from the beginning.


Why are there different annual subscription prices? One starts at around $60 and goes up to $80.


Me Too, I had a similar issue, after completing 600 Xp in a row (offline), I was infuriated by the fact that it hadn't been saved to my profile...


I also went to Duolingo Plus because I love studying multiple languages on it for a long time now, and thought paying for the service would be better, but I have similar issues and I also submit report after report with logs, to no avail.


I had a similar experience. I lost points, gems, fluency and progress while in Cuba and even created a situation where I could not download a lesson when online, as it appeared to be present and could not use it when offline where it appeared to be missing! When I did the lesson again, it didn't help. I managed to discontinue my subscription (which is not as easy as I expected) and hope it is back to the good old free version now.


I think this post should be in troubleshooting.


Not that relevant but nice streak XD


That's too bad : ( But like Bocajmil said, this should probably be in troubleshooting. To do so, click edit, and at the top of the screen there'll be a drop down bar. That is how you choose the topic. Change the topic from duolingo to troubleshooting. Thanks! Good luck solving your problem!


Thank you for those detailed instructions, TBH, I didn't see 'troubleshooting' when I originally posted. I have followed your instructions and moved it accordingly,.


Your welcome. To post it in troubleshooting, go to discussion. Below 'subscriptions' there should be troubleshooting. Go there, and click 'new discussion'. You can't make a discussion with troubleshooting as it's topic in the regular forum ... : )



glad you got your streak back and the team is willing to track the PRO issue down.

Do you really trust the (offline) Android app with dealing XP and syncronizing the progress to the DuoLingo online servers especially for maintaining your dialy streak?

You think that doing (new) lessons would be safe (app storing it's data safely) and the app?:

  • can always start successfully (of course not)
  • and that your learning state (e.g new lessons) could not go corrupted
  • or that you can at least restore it back to a good state (only by deleted and going back to last online state)
  • or that the app can auto rollback to a valid (last valid online) tree skill sync (without new offline lessons) AND merge it's self-backup'ed local new lessons - if there is/was a termination/crash/sync issue

You know that there is even not a single detail XP/skill/lesson sync screen?
Or has this been changed by the developers in one of the latest app (incl. PRO account) versions? If so, in what version?
Is this sync-detail-screen then exclusively for PRO.....or is it also available in the normal app and syncing cached new (5-10) lessons?

Sorry, but I wouldn't simply completely trust the app.....without first getting a deep technical overview what the developers have been rewriting the past weeks for the PRO/offline feature since my last bug reports and what the previous restart/data-corruption problems have been in detail.

Very bad thing:
The Android app does not even contain a history description, where the team announces:

  • what new features are introduced
  • AND what known bugs have been fixed (even if it may take sometimes 2-3 new versions to really fix a known issue with ALL side effects).

BTW: I have never received any debugging help (I am myself a developer, have stronger Non-Android IT background experience), any feedback to my bug reports, nor any reply to any of my troubleshooting threads.

I even failed to do (rooted) app data backups and restore my app data (new lessons, normal shutdown -> backup) once the Android app died (does not start anymore, corrupted data, no tree sync, etc.).

It looks quite strange that you can get an app to not start anymore even it successfully shutdown before (doing only new 1-2 offline lessons) and that I fail to find a local logging / error file, isn't it?

Here is my experience with an older Non-Pro app version on Bluestacks (Android emulator) and the "DuoLingo has a (new) lesson offline cache mode" 2013 thread announcement:

I lost multiple times all my 6-9 (new) offline lessons taken for 1-2 skills with the normal app (Non-Pro).

The (normal) DuoLingo app on Bluestacks got bad tree syncronization issues, which either made the Android app:

  • crash in a 6./7. or 9. lesson
  • not starting anymore
  • or terminating after 2-3 seconds after the tree could NOT be synced successfully.

All my progress was lost (on Bluestacks), every single try, no matter what I tried.
I tested it multiple times and each time that happend.

Of course it was not possible for me to sync the gained (cached, offline) XPs from multiple lessons to the online servers in the "normal app version".
Sometimes it may eventually work after restarting 10-20++ times, but only for ONE, maybe 1-2 more (if done many times sequentially) and NEVER for all taken (offline cache) lessons.
It is really very hard to track the issues down and even more complicated to explain them in a well written form.

The safest and best thing was IMHO to either only use the Android app online mode (with Internet) on Bluestacks....or eventually only do 1 offline lesson.

But I can definitely remember that a test with a backup of only 1-2 offline lessons also showed me that my local rooted data backup was not working at all.
Looks like some files/directories could probably not be read (there were e.g errors in "CP -R") and therefore not included in the backup file.
Sadly I NEVER managed to rollback to a good state with finished 1-2 offline lessons and sync that state (new XPs) to the online server....

Please DuoLingo, explain us:

1) What have been the underlying code rewrites / changes, to prevent - in PRO-mode - all the trouble I have experienced before with the normal Android app.

2) Is it safe to use offline PRO-mode to learn new lessons (being able to create backups, restore backup, re-sync tree/lesson updates to online server, etc.)?

3) Have you actually ever done internally any investments trying to reproduce the issues from my bug report (I have not e-mailed further data backup zips as these where corrupted too / DuoLingo data files were NOT completely saved to restore a valid state!!)

4) What normal / Non-Pro app versions fixed my bug id 717710?


I have had issues with Duo French. No way to fill in the blank .... no keyboard option or words to choose from. Therefore the system says error and will not move on to next area. Wasted over two weeks by reporting this. Also when picking a translation the third example is covered by an overlay. I have Duo Plus and it is useless. I want these fixed or refund my money.


Maybe it's not directly an issue with Duolingo Plus, but it's tied into it...

When finishing a lesson, typically the last screen before going back to the lesson tree is a promo page for Duolingo Plus. There's a button saying "No Thanks" if you don't want it.

The last few days, it has been absolutely unresponsive.

I've had to go back to duolingo.com in my browser to return to my lesson tree.


I see it's been 3 years but nothing obviously changed. As much as I respect duolingo's mission, I must say that I am absolutely disappointed in Plus virsion. After going through same troubles to find how to get Plus, I cancelled it in 3 days. First of all lessons download is terribly slow and sometimes does not start automatically when WiFi is available. I sat for 40 minutes waiting for 60 Mb being downloaded. When Netflix usualy downloads 500 mb withing 15 minutes using same provider...

After getting Plus I started having problems to launch the app. Does not metter if I connect WiFi, 4G of go off the grid - cannot move forward from first welcome page. Several times I had to uninstall and reinstall in again, using mobile traffic, when the whole reason of getting Plus was not to use it.

After finishing several lessons using downloaded version, and getting back on line I saw that all finished lessons are still "Crown 0", like I never did those.

Basically I would not care about crowns, points and place in weekly competitions, but being not able to launch it really makes me mad. Looks like I have to uninstall it again. Deleting 300 MB of lessons I spent several hours last night to download and loose the ability to use all the advantages of Plus until I have enough time again to download something.

Plus worked great couple times, when I was able to get in and do my exercises. But for every successful attempt I have 2 unsuccessful...

I will not ask for a refund, because I do think that Duolingo's mission is great and important. But I will not buy Plus version any more.

Thank you.


Why am I still taken to old lingot account? Please sort all this out!

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