I have noticed that, although the microphone is set to on and I have flash installed, that it no longer loads in Duolingo. The microphone and flash works in other situations. The only change I have made is to upgrade to Sierra on my mac. I use Safari and don't want to download another browser due to space issues on my Mac Air. Is there anything else I can try besides downloading a new browser?

1 year ago


Sounds like something I read about a new Web API, let me look...

Looks like you need Chrome or Firefox.

1 year ago

Thank you. Your answer is very helpful.

1 year ago

It worked! Thanks, again! Danke.

1 year ago
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Speaking exercises on the new website only work on browsers that support the Web Speech API, the most popular being Chrome. Unfortunately, the old speech system was outdated and a load on our system. If you use the Chrome browser, you will get speaking exercises again.

Features under consideration:
Speaking exercises for browsers that do not support the Web Speech API

For more information, see the following article:

1 year ago

Thanks for the info. I'll switch to Chrome.

1 year ago

I have the newest Android app, and I also use Duolingo mobile version in Chrome on my phone, and I never get any speaking exercises in either. Why is that? If I use my desktop computer, I get it, but then it's useless to me since my desktop doesn't have a mic (which, obviously, my phone does). In my settings in the app, there is no setting for "Speaking exercises". In the settings in the browser, "Microphone" is turned on.

10 months ago

Seems like this is a new "feature" that came along with the latest web version upgrade (ads). I have not been offered the chance to use the mic since this upgrade. I checked my preferences, and the mic is enabled.

1 year ago

As of September 19, 2017 the microphone works when using the chrome browser. Thanks for your efforts to bring the correction to reality.

1 year ago
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