Meaning of 「え」 in 「よくえをかきます」? (Sentence)

During one of the lessons I encountered the above sentence, which could mean something like "I draw a lot" or "I often draw". With 「よく」 meaning "often", 「かきます」 meaning (among others) "draw" and 「を」 indicating the direct object of the verb... what IS the direct object 「え」?!? This page doesn't really help me here?

edit On a sidenote, I see the Japanese forum also has a "sentence discussion", but how can you start one there? AFAIK there's no option to start one from mobile (I'm using iOS) as there is only the option to report the sentence ("There is a problem with this exercise")?!?

June 24, 2017


え (絵) means painting, or drawing. So, the sentence means "I often draw pictures." (Or "I draw pictures well," it could be either given the meaning of よく is both "often" and "well.")

June 24, 2017

どうもありがとう! So it was a "reading" of a kanji, can't remember having seen that one before... oh well =)

June 24, 2017

絵 is the first letter in the word "emoji" えもじ (絵文字), to help you remember it. ^^

(And yeah, I've heard the iOS app doesn't have sentence discussion. Android does have it though. Before it released on Android, there were only a handful of us posting sentence discussions. Then suddenly, when Android joined in, hundreds of sentence discussions started springing up.)

June 24, 2017

That actually helps a lot! =) The more words I learn the more connections I see, it's great (e.g. kara-te > te-gami > ori-gami)

And thanks for clarifying why there is a sentence-discussion, but I can't "access" it (yet). The sooner Duo solves this the better, so questions like this can be posted there and won't annoy people anymore ;) (Somehow somebody thinks my question deserves a downvote... gee.. asking a Japanese-related-question in the Japanese board, with a clear topic and evidence of own research... shame on me =p)

June 24, 2017

Cool - I had never thought about those connections and actually had to go to the imiwa? app (which I highly recommend - unfortunately it exists only for iOS) to look at the kanji. I love those connections too!

June 25, 2017

yaku nomkoooono chisu inu ka e ru

January 10, 2018
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