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    Translation: Unicorn

    Plural: Einhörner

    Example Sentence: Ich liebe Einhörner (I love unicorns)

    June 24, 2017


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      exp271828 The singular form is neither masculine nor feminine.


      So would it be safe to assume that a lot of words ending in -horn would also be neuter? Like, das Matterhorn, or et cetera? Danke in advance!


      Yes, i think it's always like this. I come from Germany and i don't know a -horn word which is not neuter. Because The word EINHORN has two parts: 1. EIN, 2. HORN and the article (der/ die/ das) goes always with the second part of this word, so with HORN and you say " ein schönes Horn " ( a beautiful horn). And the article definite if it's neuter, masculinum or femininum.

      If you didn't understood it you can ask me again! ;-) [German is difficult]

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        Thanks so much for answering this question for me! I agree, German is difficult! I like the way it sounds. It is a very interesting language.


        ... and I agree, danke!


        Meine kleine Nichte liebt auch Einhörner. (My little niece loves unicorns as well.)

        Sie hat ein Einhorn für mich gemalt. (She made a picture of a unicorn for me.)

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          Das ist so süß! Einhörner sind meine Favorit, auch.


          Um, is the singular masculine, feminine, or neuter? Just wondering ...


          Das Einhorn, neuter

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