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Is there a Discord group for Duolingoers to practice? Should we create one?

If there isn't any Discord group, we could create a general one or some by language. It would be beneficial for those of us who don't have anyone to practice with.

(since we can't really practice with the existent "groups" feature).

Who's in?

I think a general group with different chats devided by language would be the best idea, since many people here are learning more than one language.

We could also discuss duolingo related questions or even general language related topics.

June 24, 2017



Here is the invite link for Students of Spanish Language Exchange https://discord.gg/8pyhVbU We are working on more activities for both English and Spanish students and are looking for more volunteers to help with them. So if you have an interest in designing activities and hosting them, we would be glad to have you join and share your ideas. see you all there. ;)

Oh and there is no need to create a new Chatroom as there already are Chatrooms for just about every language there is. Tell me what language you are interested in and I will get you a link.


There are already Discords like that: "Ling and Lang", "Lern a Lang" and "Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord" . Atleast those are the general ones i can think off of the top of my hat, the first two beeing for languages in general and the last one for duolingo specifically, of course you then always have language discords for each of the popular languages.


yes it will be a great idea


yeah I have a German one a Welsh one and a Ukrainian one you can let me now if any of you want to join because I can pull up the link and I also know someone who has a Spanish one.

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