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  5. "We publish the letter."

"We publish the letter."

Translation:Wir veröffentlichen den Brief.

June 24, 2017



Why did this tell me to use schreibung and then later not accept it


schreibung is not one of the accepted answers.

The best translation is Wir veröffentlichen den Brief.

One of the alternatives is Wir veröffentlichen das Schreiben.

But das Brief or den Schreiben or die schreibung etc. are not correct.


Why is: das brief, marked wrong?


"Brief" is masculine: "der Brief".

"Das Brief" would be neuter; this word does not exist.

If you put "der Brief" into the accusative form required with "veröffentlichen", you get "den Brief": Wir veröffentlichen den Brief.

Here you can see all the word forms of "Brief: http://www.canoo.net/inflection/brief:N:M


The English sentence to be translated is grammatical and possible, but very unlikely, and I submit poorly chosen.

It would most naturally be read as present habitual rather than present progressive. Which is to say that it means (again, most naturally) something like, "We often publish the letter" or "We regularly publish the letter", which would be odd and would normally require further expansion. Why, after all, would you publish a single letter over and over again?

The more natural sentence would be, "We are publishing the letter" (present progressive), which indicates that we are in the process of publishing the (singular) letter right now.

Note that this issue would mostly go away with a plural, since "the letters" might well be something that you regularly publish.

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