Hi Duolingo, I've been enjoying the Tinycards feature and learning quite a lot, and I have an improvement to suggest. The Sign Language Alphabet makes learning possible by providing a picture next to every letter, which is a must for visual learners. However when you study "Capitals of the World" all you get is boring words that get matched with other boring words: Mexico with Mexico City, etc. I think it would make learning so much easier if you had a picture of the country--say, a black-and-white map of the world with the country highlighted in yellow--along with the words. Then there would be a visual way to distinguish. Personally, I only memorize that Italy is Italy because it looks like a boot, and Chile is Chile because it's long and thin like a chili pepper, etc. This would have the added bonus of teaching the countries' positions on the map. Thanks and keep up the good work!

June 24, 2017


Yes!! I totally agree with this post thanks Duolingo a lot and keep up the great work!!!!!!

Hi! Thanks for the suggestion! Did you know you can create your own Tinycards decks? In fact, the vast majority of decks there are user-created. Give it a try and let us know if you end up creating your own deck =]

Thanks vivisaurus! I'll check it out :)

Yeah I have made some do you want to check them out

When I started using TinyCards, I was offered the opportunity to practice the cards at the completion of every Story that i worked through. Now when each of my stories end, the computer just tells me that i have completed the session and it does not give me the option of practicing the tiny cards for that story anymore. This isn't a problem for the stories that i have studied extensively, where i have Pinned the deck of cards to my TinyCard Page. The problem arises because it doesn't allow me access to the TinyCard page for the any new stories, where i have not used the TinyCards and Pinned them in the past.

Can you give any advice? Is my system not operating properly, or do you think that they changed the program along the way?



It does the same for me. So it probably is not your system.

I tried different browsers, redoing stories, using my laptop as well as a tablet and phone. But no luck. The option to pin the stories to tinycards seems to have disappeared.
I have been looking on the discussion forums but so far found no solution.

I wish they would bring it back as well.

How can you access the tiny cards?

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