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Let's Add Icelandic

One of the most requested languages on Duolingo is the beautiful language of Icelandic. It is a truly wonderful language that should certainly be more largely recognized. I'm calling out to everyone that speaks Icelandic to apply to the Incubator to add Icelandic for English speakers. If enough of us apply they'll surely let us work on it. We can do this! Þakka þér fyrir alla. Gerum þetta. Ef við vinnum saman, getum við gert þetta með vellíðan.

June 25, 2017



I would like a new course, what should I do?: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194


Thanks, I didn't know about this page. Unfortunately, the Icelandic page was made 3 years ago and Duolingo have shown no signs of letting people contribute to an Icelandic course.


Well, seeing how they ignore contributor requests and everything. It's kinda hard. Look at all of the people who volunteered for Latin, even a University professor, and they got rejected. They don't care to add languages,.


They add languages all the time. They, in fact, churn out language course curricula at an amazing rate. That said, it is true that the correlation between languages requested and languages accepted into the incubator seems a bit disjunct.

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Another reason to add Icelandic from the perspective of the DL team is that it is the only language with a good TTS from Ivona that Duolingo doesn't yet offer.


Oh yeeeeeees.! That would be wonderful!

I learn this language. But even if I am alredy fluent in norwegian, even if I loven to read my old poetry icelandic books, even if I have internet and greta grammatic book... I Don t improve in this language.

Especially because when I try to build some phrase, I can t know if it is correct or no.

So, it would be fantastic to have it on Duolingo.

... As Well, I would loven to use Duolingo for Persian and Mongolian. :) :) :)

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