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  5. "I buy all sorts of things."

"I buy all sorts of things."


June 25, 2017



Why doesn't it need a を?


いろいろ is not a regular noun but rather an "adjectival noun", also known as a な-adjective.




Just take this sentence as 色々(な物を)買います. As everyone knows, Japanese is a very contextual language so it tends to omit "unimportant" words. In this case, "thing(物)" is not important because you can only buy, well, things.

I can imagine this sentence is used, for example, as an answer when someone asks you what did you bought (何を買いました?).

Alternatively, you can say いろんな物を買います, which has the same meaning.

That's just what I understand though.

PS Acoording to weblio.jp, 色々 can b used as a na-adjective, adverb, or noun. (www.weblio.jp/content/色々)


Thank you for the clarification.


I always said '色々な物をかう'...is this sentence okay without a noun? Or is 色々also an noun...?


物 is a noun. Apparently いろいろ is an "adjectival noun", also known as a な-adjective.


The best way i can make sense of this sentence is to interpret iroiro as an adverb. This gives a literal word for word translation as "i buy variously." Which... Okay, i can buy that as meaning "i buy various things." I do wonder how good the Japanese here is, though!


I would also like clarification on this sentence. 'Iroiro' is a 'na' adjective, to my understanding, so I can see it being both a noun, in which case it should have 'wo,' or an adverb, in which case it should have the adverbial marker of 'ni.' Regardless, I don't think this sentence is grammatical.


Matthew Wong (if I remember correctly) said in another thread that it is a na-adjective, but it isn't modifying a noun in this case (it's modifying 買う, so it's an adverb) therefore it doesn't need the na. That seems to make sense to me, not sure if it's right though.


いろいろなものを買います was wrong lol


It was accepted for me in hiragana. If the kanji's not accepted, report it.


Japanese here ( = Duolingo) still seems to be in beta, and it definitely shows. Probably, not many real people are working to make this course, and using machine translation? Some things in English do not make sense, some things in Japanese sound unnatural (according to my native Japanese help :) ).


Why does it not include "mono" for "things"? It looks like it just translates to "various to buy"


The tiles with the articles な and を are missing.


It suggest using the na particle, and then marks it incorrect for using it....


色々 = Spectrum?


色々物を買います was marked wrong. I thought that if I put a noun there, を would still apply?

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