"Quanti metri?"

Translation:How many meters?

March 5, 2013

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i hate when the hover over doesn't mention the word they want-especially when they are introducing it as a new word! it offered "metro, tube, rule" so i put how many rules, and of course that wasn't it..


Yes, the same happens for me. I put: "How many metro?" and it said incorrect, and I didn't even see "meters" on the suggestion.


Same here lingnut. luckily i got it right


i thought meters refer to the instruments which measure the metres


Yes, you are correct. Metres is UK English, but meters I believe, is USA English. A meter in UK English is a measuring device.


For the length (100cm): 'Meter' in 'Merica, 'Metre' everywhere else. For an instrument that measures something (e.g. an electrical current): 'Meter' everywhere.


metro= 100 centimetri ma si usa anche come: il metro è lo strumento per misurare una lunghezza (usato da muratori, carpentieri, architetti ecc.ecc.) la metro( in nord italia il metrò) è la metropolitana il metro può anche essere inteso come termine di confronto esempio : io e te abbiamo un diverso metro per giudicare la vita, le cose, le donne, ecc. ecc.


not 'how many tubes/subways?'


Nooooo! :D

In Italian, metropolitana is feminine! And its short form metro as well, and the short form doesn't vary with the plural, since it is the short form of metropolitane. :D

"Metro" = "metre" or "meter"

I would never say "Quante metro?" like that, anyway... without adding something... "Quante (linee di) metro ci sono a Milano?" (How many tube lines there are in Milan?) "Quante metro sono già passate?" (How many subway trains did already pass?)


Oops, sorry, I was being facetious. Won't happen again. ;-P But thanks as usual for your exhaustive reply...


Do as many mistakes as you want! Mistakes are pretty important to learn. :)


meters is for the United States of America, metres is for anywhere else :)


someone needs to tell Duolingo how these words are spelt in english.....metres, litres, millimetres, centimetres.


Please develop a UK English version of this app! .... and/or stop rejecting UK 'metres'

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