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"How do I go to the convenience store?"


June 25, 2017



What are the distinctions between まで and に, へ, and で? I still get a bit muddled with directional particles.


まで - marks the destination or the boundry of an action. - コンビニまでいきます I go until I reach the convenience store.

に - marks the location where the subject stays after the action has performed. コンビニにいきます I go and then I stay at the convenience store.

へ - marks the direction of the movement action. コンビニへいきます I go in the direction of the convenience store.

All three sentences are virtually saying the same thing in this case.


Man we really need to be able bookmark comments


Ok 先生 :). You read every comment!


Worth noting: I've heard that many native Japanese speakers say へ instead of に all the time when, technically, に is the "correct" particle.


Why Duo marked me wrong when i used へ?


Which makes you think what you are doing. :( Mendukusai ne...


まで is also used in time statements to mean "to/until". Such as "from 9 until 11 o'clock". That's a decent way of remembering MADE, maybe? I walk to/until the destination. I think "from" was から, fyi.


Can just どう be used instead of どうやって? Also, に instead of まで. Also, どうやって can be alternately placed just before 行きます, correct?


You are all correct. But I would suggest using どうやって instead of どう which sounds more natural to me.


That's two in a row that I typed in the right answer yet prompted that I was wrong.

I even reviewed the correct answer character by character but it's still the same as what I've typed in.


Same, I definitely wrote the right "corrected" sentence many times and it keeps marking it as wrong. I reported the bug over and over but it wont let me pass this section. Anyone else having this issue?


Seems to be a problem with the word 「コンビニ」. See also https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/23166709?comment_id=47422537 and https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27838948?comment_id=47424694.

Related to https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/23238890?comment_id=47397145 above where @MirkaLintu noticed that "the katakana 二 (ni) and the kanji ニ (two) look really similar". The former is accepted. But the "correct" answer has the latter and copying and pasting it doesn't work.


I typed in こんびに and pressed F7. Surely that would give me katakana ニ. It wasn't accepted. Pressing space on the entire word didn't give me correct ニ either. It looks to me like it's the latter rather than former now. Not to mention that their blocks didn't work either.


Currently the "correct" answer accepts only the kanji 二 instead of the Katakana ニ which is not correct for Duolingo. Related discussion is here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/47423461.


Same, clearly they've ignored previous reports about this.


I am having the same problem! It's killing all my hearts... :'(


The English translation sounds like the setup to a bad joke.

"In a convenience car!" bu dum tss


or a convenient car


Just a heads up for everyone: I really struggled writing this and getting it wrong multiple times in a row until I realised I had misspelled the word コンビ二. The katakana 二 (ni) and the kanji ニ (two) look really similar, and for some reason when I typed konbini on mobile the latter was chosen everytime. So I got the answer wrong no matter how I tried to swap the words around. If anyone's wondering what's wrong with your perfectly fine sentence, check out your 二! :)

EDIT: Turns out I was wrong, though! Check out the comment below!


In the web version I tried the normal katakana ニ but got rejected. However I tried to replace it with the kanji two 二 and it got passed. I have put the screenshots here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/47423461


Oh my, you're right! I mixed up the characters in my initial post! Number two is the one where the lines are more apart and ni-katakana is the one where they are closer together. So, overall, my mobile really DID write コンビニ correctly, but the answer should have been "konbi2".


My answer is the same as the "Correct Answer" provided but I could not proceed to the next question, continued to say my answer is wrong, and I cannot skip that question either, please help!


Seems to be a bug, in コンビニ you have to put in the kanji for 2 (二) instead of the ニ katakana.


duo marks me wrong when I put the right answer!!!


Seems to be a bug, in コンビニ you have to put in the kanji for 2 (二) instead of the ニ katakana.




I have put the correct answer in 3 times and each time it is given as incorrect (I checked carefully each time). Has anyone else had this problem? I have clicked that my answer should be accepted. Hiwever, I will not be able to complete the revision exercise because it keeps giving me the "incorrect" sentence to repeat!!


Using まで sounds so weird...i would use に

まで means until...


まで can be used to indicate a spatial as well as a temporal limit, so it's usage and translation as 'to' in this context (referring to a place or destination) is acceptable (e.g. このバスはロンドンまで行きます。- This bus goes to London. / ロンドンまでのきっぷ - a ticket to London).


どうやってコンビニまで行きますか(douyatte konbini made iki masuka)


コンビニまでどうやって行きますか? was accepted


どうやって コンビニ まで 行き ますか?   Wrong どう やっ て コンビニ まで 行き ますか? Right

programming error


Does anyone else feel like answering "Try using your feet?" This is a bad English translation if you ask me.


For the benefit of non-native English speakers, he's not wrong, the translation does sound a bit awkward. It would be more usual to ask "how do I GET to the convenience store?".


I answered it correctly, just without the kanji...


Can 「コンビニはどう行きますか?」 be accepted as well?


I had this: コンビニはどちらに行きますか but it was marked wrong. Any feedback appreciated!


Some suggestions -

コンビニはどちらですか - Where is the convenience store
コンビニに行くにはどちらに行きますか - To go to the convenience store, which direction do I go


This is very unhelpful and doesn't answer the question. Additionally, links are sometimes unusable on mobile.


It is just a repeat to the above question. I am copying the answer then if you cannot see it.

I would suggest using どうやって instead of どう which sounds more natural to me.

Can you submit a bug report if you cannot click on the link in the mobile page? I am using mobile phone and I don't see any issues though.


I used "kombini made, dou ikimasu ka?" and it was tagged as an error. Is it for the position of "dou" or because I did not use "douyatte"?


Thank you. I will report it next time I will do the exercise, if I remember.


is there a shorter version for "how"?


From another discussion, I think どう should still be acceptable... However, this seems the common way to express this question.


A lot of Engrish in this section..


Can someone break down this sentence please?


どうやって - how
コンビニ - convenience store
まで - until
行きます - go
か - question marker

how (do I) go until (I reach the) convenience store?


I put down "どうやってコンビニまで行ますか?” and got it wrong three times. What am I missing? It looks just like the answer Duo gave me...???


I've had the same problem. Even when I just used the word bank instead of typing it marks it wrong over and over again. To the point that I am literally unable to complete the lesson. I've reported it SEVERAL times. If this question comes up, I basically have to close out of the lesson and hope it doesn't come up because otherwise I can't complete it.

Worst part is that it worked fine last week. Ugh.


Is it wrong to say : コンビニまでどうやって行きますか? Thanks




I seem to have the correct answer but it says incorrect?


This is so stupid. This lesson teaches two other similar sentences: どうやって銀行に行きますか (How do I get to the bank) and どうやって病院に行きますか (How do I get to the hospital). So you would think the correct answer to this question would be どうやってコンビニに行きますか。Nope. Duo says it's wrong because I need to use まで instead of に (どうやってコンビニまで行きますか)。 My wife is Japanese and I can confirm both versions are correct, but the reason I say this is stupid is because of the inconsistency in examples and teaching. Why teach one way of saying a sentence only to mark it wrong in a different example when it is actually correct? If I didn't have a fluent speaker nearby, I would not have understood why I was wrong. This needs to stop. This is a language learning app first, so focus resources to providing correct examples that help people learn efficiently. Not adding animated images of people reacting to whether or not I got Duo's version of the answer correct. Unless that fat guy who looks like he is giving me two middle fingers can explain to me why certain answers are wrong, he doesn't need to be there. I paid for plus, so get the language teaching part right first please. Decorate later.


Probably に is not a problem, but rather the word コンビニ is bugged. When an answer is considered incorrect, Duolingo will just show the suggested answer. In this case ニ in コンビニ must use the kanji of two (二) in order to be correct (which is bugged at present - please check posts above). When the sample answer was shown, you thought that the まで was the cause of the mistake but actually it was not.


It always marks the answer wrong, even if you copy and paste their answer!

The only way I could complete the lesson was to use the word bank and select どうやって individually, rather than the entire word at once.

Bugged to hell!


The voice says "Mage" instead of "made", have you noticed?


That's prolly just the accent.

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