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Stories in German please!

Just discovered the new tab named "Labs" on the website. Clicked and found a seemingly fun way to practice our language skills called "Stories".


They only have it in Spanish and Portuguese at the moment...

Can we please have it in German as well?! Thanks!

June 25, 2017



Here's a link to the admins' post about Stories two days ago. It's a new feature, and they're going to use Spanish and Portuguese to test it and develop it. Once they're happy with the new feature, they'll roll it out for new languages.


It's an experiment - they haven't decided if they will roll it out yet.

Please read the stickied posts.


Murka ist eine sehr schlau Katze. Ich möchte ein nächstes Kapitel über die Abenteuer von Murka die Katze. Danke für die Geschichte. :)

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