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  5. "I want a cuter bag."

"I want a cuter bag."


June 25, 2017



Kaban has been in katakana up until now...and suddenly you change it over to Hiragana? Please, consistency!


It seems to get written both ways in reality.


It even gets written using kanji: 鞄


Uhh... Yeah, dude. That's just the way Japanese works, I'm afraid xD It's confusing, and chaotic, and beautiful.


I keep reading "cutter bag" and i keep getting angry for not knowing what a "cutter bag" is. Mondays -.-


How would you say "I want more cute bags"? Like, you have one cute bag but you want more?


The sentence as it is has a little ambiguity just because もっと could apply to the whole rest of the sentence or just to かわいい

〔〔もっとかわいい〕カバンが〕欲しいです。- I want (more cute) bags.

もっと〔かわいいカバンが〕欲しいです。- I want more (cute bags).

We can force もっと out of the subclause where it's getting attached to かわいい by moving it after:


But I think probably a comma (or an even subtler pause in speech) would also do:



how are we supposed to know whether it is カバン、鞄 or 袋?


If i understand correctly what has been said in other posts I've read, カバン or 鞄 is a type of bag that is more re-usable or sturdy, while 袋 is more of a cheap, or throw away bag like the kind you get at the grocery store.


I misread as "I want a cuter bug." And then I pictured a cute little chibi bug smiling up at me and my heart melted.


jisho.org says that 鞄 is usually written using kana alone: かばん

i think, though duo introduced us to 鞄, it want's to steer us towards using kana for it.

this seems to apply to other words as well, where in earlier skills it would accept kana or kanji, it now insists on the more common one.


why in this instance it doesn't accept [ 鞄がもっとかわいい欲しいです。] but most other lessons don't accept this lesson's way?

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