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Regular tree and reverse tree at same time?

I speak English and am learning German. I find that the English to German course is a little weak on translating phrases from English into German. I was wondering it was possible to do the German to English at the same time? Or do I need to wait until I finish the English to German tree, reset my native language to German and then do the English tree? Am I making sense?

June 25, 2017



That's the beauty of Duo. It's a self-learning course. You can try doing both. If you feel you are uncomfortable drop one and go on with the other. Later pick up the one you dropped. No one and nothing will hinder you. Good luck and enjoy.


Yes, you can do it at the same time. I see you are level 12, so you are not that "new to German".

The new version of the website even makes it easier to switch between the two.

With German and Spanish, I did the normal tree first, and then started the reverse. But with French, I felt I need some extra practice, so I paralelly did the reverse tree up to the point where the past tense is introduced, then returned to the normal tree.


I will do both at the same time, but start the English to German first and after 10 skills or so start the reverse tree.


If you are really new to German I would not recommend it. Since the reverse tree is made for those fluent in your target language it will use phrases you do not know. It could be annoying to do a language lesson only with the help of a dictionary. Then again, why not give it a try? No two people learn the same way, and if it is not yet good for you, why don't you retry it in a couple of weeks?

Viel Erfolg


Are you on the old Duo portal or new portal (Scala)?

I tested on the old portal the user script: "DuoLingo Reverse tree enhancer" a short time for DE-EN / PT-EN.

For my EN-PT forward course I switched to "DuoLingo Tree enhancer" script from Camilo because it allows to play PT answers: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19654789/Userscript-Tree-Enhancer

Important: It is already updated and works for the new portal, yeah!!!

You should give it a try and test it's reverse tree functionality....Camilo needs help to test some of it's functionality (coded for the old portal) with the new portal as he has finished all of his courses; please see his comments in his thread.

So here is your chance to help testing for new DuoLingo portal compatibility :-) Your help is much appreciated!

And please don't forget to turn off audio in the settings (for the reversee tree), otherwise you will get lot's of English L2 (target) listening excercises.

There really should be flag within Duo where we are allowed to change the listening audio to L1 source (non native language) :-(


LOL ... Welches Portal habe ich keine Idee. Wie weiss ich das?

Sie lernen Portugies (?) auch? Mein Sohn und seine Frau wohnen schon zwei Jahren in Brasilien (Maceio). Weil meine Schwiegertochter in Brasilien geboren war, spricht sie schon fliessen Portugies. Mein Sohn studiert .... mmm ... intensiv (?) und ist jetzt auch fliessen.

And with all that above I just may have exhausted all my brain cells for the day. : D


Thanks for turn off audio. it´s boaring.


Yes. I am doing English to Polish, and also Polish to English, in parallel. The only difference in my settings is to turn off the microphone and speakers in the Pl to En course as, being a native speaker of English, I don't need to listen to, repeat back, or type the English sentences.

FWIW, I recently wanted to learn a bit of Czech*, but the En to Cz course has been "hatching" for some while now, with the percentage completion actually decreasing occasionally. So, for the sake of getting something done, I've been studying English thru the medium of Czech which has been somewhat interesting.

  • Actually, I wanted to learn Slovak, but that language doesn't seem to exist within the Duoniverse.


I found a website to learn Slovak: slovake.eu

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