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Do the contributors for Haitian Creole really expect to release the course in 5-6 days?!


AHEM! Hello, Nandre7 and NyToussaint?

June 25, 2017



It's not always the true percentage is shown in the incubator. It's still possible they are done and just double and triple check it before releasing it.


I understand, but, seriously, the course is in 3-4 days. Do they expect to finish in 4 months (there was no offline work before the course was started online, unlike Japanese)?!!!!


They may have the sentences written on paper and plan to import them all in the coming days. (Whereas I guess most courses add sentences gradually) The audio matching process is a pain as well, but they may plan to release it before adding audio, like Team Swahili.
Edit: I know I'd be glad if it was released this soon!


If that's true, fair one haha. Looking forward to learning this language, and if it's going to be out this early I'll be really happy.

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