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Is my German tree finished or not?

I've just completed the German tree, at least I think I have? All the lessons have been unlocked and completed up to the end, but there has not been a notification to confirm that yes, congrats, it is finished. Is there one or does it just end? I expected there would be something to mark the end of the tree from all the duo trophies I've seen. I'm only asking because now I think I've missed something? Was it meant to be completed in a certain time frame, with a consistent streak or should all the lessons have been kept gold through out?

(Please refrain from haughty remarks about how I should be valuing the language learning not racing to the trophy graphic at the end e.t.c. This is not about that; I do most of my language learning outside of Duolingo.)

Thanks in advance for any help!! <3

June 25, 2017



Well, if you click on the golden duo statue at the bottom you get a message like this.

Coincidentally, I too finished my tree today.
Until you brought it up, and I checked again, I was wondering the same thing. :)

Ich gratuliere dir herzlich auch.


Thanks! also congratulations to you too!

There's no golden statue at the bottom for me. Looking back it looks like some of my progress in the very very early on lessons has been undone. Things I once completed are now showing 1/2, 2/3 e.t.c. Maybe they added more lessons, or I took too long to reach the end of the tree!



You are correct in your assumption. They revised the tree some months ago and added some lessons, so you will need to double back and complete them first.


Thanks so much!!


Felicidades!!!! Buen trabajo Casper_Duo


If you have the owl at the bottom of the tree you are finished. There is also a message when you completed the final lesson for the first time.


Gut gemacht!!! Congrats

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