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What romance language should I learn first?

Which of these three Romance languages should I learn first? Spanish, French, or Italian? I took French in High school.

June 25, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Maybe i can help you even here xD.

    All these 3 languages shares a lot in common, especially the vocab.

    Spanish and italian share the same phonetic (let's say that an italian, or a spanish can reproduce 96% of sounds of the language they are studying) i can tell you this because i'm italian and for me is quite easy to emulate their language.

    About french phonetic, is different from italian and spanish: it has nasal sounds that are not present in both languages and in 99 % of cases the last letter is mute ( and it doesn't happen in spanish or italian).

    An italian and a spanish can understand each other if they speak SLOWLY...but we cannot say the same thing with italian/french or french/spanish because of its french phonetic.

    All their grammar are similar, however, i noticed that french is closest with italian ( and viceversa) but both share the same grammar with spanish...a bit confusing, but i noticed that french has more things in common with italian.

    About wich language to start...sincerely i don't know, start with the one you like more first (if you have no passion is useless to start, you will waste only time imo).

    Surely the most "useful" is spanish (then french and italian) but if you want a 50/50 language i'd say italian because it stays in the middle between french and spanish...in few words, it's a fusion xD.


    Thanks for this! :D


    Italian (nearest to Latin) or Spanish (most useful and very easy).


    Actually, I wish that the first Romance language that I learnt were Latin. But, out of your choices, I'd suggest French.


    Yup, a good grounding in Latin would be of great benefit. I hated it at school, but it definitely helps!


    Whichever one attracts you most. Spanish, if you are in the U.S. As far as French goes, did you enjoy it, or were you tired of it when you stopped studying? If the latter, choose one of the others. FWIW, from my own personal preferences, French, as there is so much to read in it, and it has by far the greatest amount of original science fiction books.


    I tried French first and just remembered the courses from school. Then I thought that Italian is an easy to learn, it is so, until I reached to a more advanced level, when I had to remember verbs tenses, with different suffixes and also the prepositions. I finished both trees, but I know much more French from my school time than Italian in just 1 year with Duolingo. It seems that a language learned during school time, little by little, never abandons you. About Spanish, I always loved to learn: Till the middle of the tree is so easy! When you start Grammar of verbs, well it is more difficult than Italian.

    French have a well made structure, I think that French Academy did a great job about. Not so good news for the others I try, some phrases seem awkward to my ears and idiomatic and I have to learn them by heart and much practice. Notice that more close phonetically to my native language Greek, is Spanish, than Italian and last French. I hope I will have some free time to try Portuguese and Romanian, they seem interesting Romance languages, specially the last one, that keeps some archaic structures from Latin, I think, and the country is so close to mine!

    [deactivated user]

      Strange, because for me (that i'm italian) i had no problems when i tried to do some greek (maybe the only letter that gave me some problem are G which is really soft o-O).

      "AaaaGoorAAzOOo" i seemed an idiot when i tried to say "i buy" lol.


      Some phrases seem awkward? The most useless phrase I came across was "Are my shoes electric?" I'm determined to find a situation in which to use this! :)


      Italian, Spanish and Romanian

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