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"Dieser Hut steht Ihnen ausgezeichnet!"

Translation:This hat looks excellent on you!

March 6, 2013



"This hat suits you well", I wrote. "Oops, you missed a word: This hat suits you very well" said Duolingo. COME ON!


Yeah, there's any number of translations for "ausgezeichnet" - I tried to go with the one I thought was most likely to be recognized as correct (though it is not as emphatic, I suppose), and got it wrong.


Bit too iffy of a translation... I tried "suits you greatly", to no avail.


Not bein a native English speaker, it seems I am learning German and improving my English at the same time.

With this in mind, I have learned to enjoy the many times my answers are deemed wrong just because my English is not absolutely perfect... or just because not all possible correct answers have been considered.

Anyway, these discutions are a great source! Thank you all for contributing.


I wrote "This hat suits you really well" and it was not accepted .... ausgezeichnet meaning "excellent", "really well" is as good a synonym as "very well" it seems to me ....


Maybe the translation is correct, and exchanging word for word does not work! I'm sure there are many examples in English where breaking a sentence down word for word might seem wrong. " I can't stand that" , " That stands for" , "That stands up".

I know it's frustrating getting it wrong but come on... Better getting it wrong on a computer screen. Some things in life need a little practice.


How about "This hat suits you excellently?"


It cut off my microphone AGAIN while I was still reading the words. I am really tired of this!


I wrote This hat suits you excellenz and it was not accepted. Why??

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