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Options for reporting problems

I've tried to report some problems but when I click on the "Report a problem" button, the categories available are much more restricted than they were before, and they often don't have an appropriate option for what I'm looking to report. This seems to have been a relatively recent change, as this wasn't a problem before. In my opinion, even if you get rid of other options, you should keep the "other" option with a textbox to cover whatever you didn't think of.

June 25, 2017



Hi, I tend to agree with just about all you're saying here; I think it's probably just a byproduct of the new website overhaul and will hopefully get sorted in the not too distant future.

Btw, you should be able to select "Troubleshooting" under the "Topic" when creating a discussion; which is where this discussion is better placed.


Duolingo Help Center - Updates - News "Duolingo's New Website"
(update: June 20, 2017)

Under consideration:
- Ability to write a custom report for a sentence

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