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What do you use your lingots on after you've bought everything?

What do you use your lingots on after you've bought everything?

June 25, 2017



DL wants to appeal to the hoarder in you. There have been no new items in the store since I've been a member (1.5 years) and I have 1180 lingots. I've bought 4 streak freezes.


1.5 years? I've been on this site since it was in beta, and there's never been anything new in the lingot store (though some languages have added extra lessons). That's why I have more than 17,600.


I generally give them away for good questions and good answers.


You could spent it on Streak Freezes, as they aren't permanent and only temporary. Many people save their Lingots up as it is quite nice to see how many you have (as well as a good motivator) or people wait for something new to be added into the Lingot Store.


I just keep them, Even when I donate them, I still have 3308.


You hoard them in case you have to rely on the apps. Lingots get converted into gems, which you are sometimes require to spend very fast if you run out of health and can't wait 5+ hours to continue practising. With the changes they're bringing in, they may invent more ways to use up gems fast.

Alternatively, give them to comments you like. I'm giving you one!


I give them away, sprinkling a few on on good comments, or by the handful, if I feel like it. I have a streak freeze but I don't use it.


Lingots are a bit of a distraction, really. They're a good way of helping to turn casual learners into committed learners, but once you've done enough work on Duolingo to have lingots to spare, they lose their purpose.

Buy a streak freeze, the bonus skills, and a test every now and then if you're interested, and then forget about lingots and use the rest of the site.


I personally don't like the way Duolingo encourages you to spend your Lingots. After you have bought any extra lessons and timed practices there isn't really anything else you can spend them on - except Streak Freeze. The reason why I HATE Streak Freeze is that Duolingo are practically giving you all these Lingots, but nothing to spend them on except excuses for you not to practice the language you want to learn - NOT a good way to encourage learners! And what about the Give Lingot feature? You give somebody else a Lingot, and then what are they supposed to do with it?


Save. I have 2867 lingots now.


Im gonna give one lingot to everyone who answers this well


just hord them until you have a lot and give them all away


Give them away at whim.

Here, 2 lingots for you.


I use them for streak freezes when I need a day off.


people have wanted new stuff in the store for such a long time, i don't know why nothing's appeared yet, even in the past.

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