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Just another "We need to be explained the grammatical rules" post.

I'm tired of having to use a fail and try method to get many of the sentences, when they could have easily been explained if Duolingo just showed the grammatical rules behind them.

March 6, 2013



If you want to delve into the rather complex rules of Spanish or French grammar, buy or take out from the library a grammar in English for that language. The books are thick and it's too much to put on a website designed for expedited learning, so DuoLingo uses the alternate approach of having you learn them by example. If you're using nothing else other than DuoLingo to learn a second language, you're missing the point.


"If you're using nothing else other than DuoLingo to learn a second language, you're missing the point." Yep. Like Iago said.

Duo is NOT a stand-alone learning tool, IMO. Buy a used college Spanish text at a garage sale or get one at PaperBackSwap.com. Get a dictionary and use it. There is a very good site to explain Spanish grammar at www,studyspanish.com. You'll probably need to cut and paste the URL into your browser.


Very good point guys. Get a grammar book, Pimsleur audio series, newspaper (online), and maybe the FSI course do to on the side (http://www.foreignserviceinstitute.com).


I'm not talking about complex explanations, but more like short tips like "Il turns into lo before a word starting with s+consonant".


I agree; just a short explanation would really help. I do have separate books for in-depth study of grammar etc., but if I could see a simple explanation here while going through the lessons I think it would definitely help.


I made a FAQ thread in the Italian section, with some links. If you have any suggestions, please tell me, I update the list according to links I use to explain some grammar rules.

(No, I don't work for Duo, even if in the last days I have been the only one to reply to Italian questions)


You've been great, and have helped me a lot! Thank you!


Thank you. How/where do I find your thread?


We just so happen to be testing explanations in lessons: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/234709


It's fine to have a website or a book for the web app, but if you're using the app on an iPhone you are stuck with trial and error and nothing to explain the grammatical rules. Hard to learn anything concrete that way.


Hi, I suggest you to open some browser windows with the grammatical explanations, and try to extend the duo lessons with handwriting down the new sentences. After completing the lession do the lesson practice until you feel good about the resunlts. I am having some hard lessons as well, so I'am helping myself. :)


Agreed. I keep a list of useful grammar sites in a folder on my Bookmarks Bar (Mac -- am sure there are similar ways to do this on other systems). I would like to see Duolingo keep the focus on improving the translation algorithms, correcting the idiosyncrasies of current courses and adding new languages. Perhaps one fix might be a 'Links' page. Users could enter their favorite sites with a short explanation, and if they are free or require payment. Others could try out these sites, leave comments (and up-down votes). Over time this could develop into lists of the very best links for each language. Might be useful to include a section for links on 'how to learn languages'.


yeah I agree.....


I agree, and I'm glad that Duolingo is working on this.

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