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How can I help endangered languages?

There are many languages on Earth Chinese,Spanish,and English are common and some are uncommon,One language dies every two weeks. Any ideas on how to help endangered languages?

June 25, 2017



I don't think that we can help endangered languages by learning them. In the case of really endangered languages, it will probably even be difficult or impossible to find the material for studying them, and who will be the teachers? Other non-native speakers? This will probably distort the language.

I once knew a guy who came from a small village in Chad. He documented the language and culture of his people. He wrote down the stories in their language with a translation into French, he made films of the celebrations, he recorded people talking.

I think this is what really keeps the languages in the memories of the people. In order to keep them alive, a naturally grown community of speakers would be required, and this is difficult or impossible to achieve.


Well, it would be a bit difficult to learn extremely endangered languages, such as ones with only a couple of speakers, but you could start by educating yourself on uncommon languages. Especially for indigenous languages, there are multiple online resources to help learn them. Pick a language and simply learn it!

P.S. I also found this article online and it had a couple of creative ways to make people aware of endangered languages.


By learning them, for example, I'm learning many languages, as you can see in my profile, but I'm learning Irish, Welsh, Guaraní and Esperanto, languages that have just a bunch of speakers if we compare them to other languages like Chinese or German. I'm from Perú, so I'm also learning Quechua, the language of the Incas, which identifies me more to my nationality and helps to keep alive the beautiful language.


The easiest way to help would be by contributing financially to projects that document or help revive languages. Maybe you can't travel somewhere to document a language but you can help support the people who do or you can donate to schools that teach endangered languages, etc. Another easy thing to do is simply share with the people around you (family, friends, etc.) why you think helping endangered languages is important. That makes it just a little more likely these projects receive public support


Well, it's not easy, but you can find some materials on the Internet. If you would like to learn the Udmurt language for example, you will surely find some stuff in Russian. Or Ainu with Japanese, Kazakh with Russian and so on. You could as well take a look on wikitravel or wikibooks in English (or in other languages of course). But mostly the "books" aren't finished yet.


The only real help is to preserve texts and sounds for future scholars.


Memrise have many courses in different endangered languages. I made one course there too.

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