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  5. "四月四日は何よう日ですか?"


Translation:What day of the week is April fourth?

June 25, 2017



一日 ついたち

二日 ふつか

三日 みっか

四日 よっか

五日 いつか

六日 むいか

七日 なのか

八日 よおか

九日 ここのか

十日 とおか

二十日 はつか


Noticed a typo: 八日 should be ようか. Other than that, nice list. ^^


Thanks! Also here's a great page for covering counters with days and months etc. http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar/numbers#Counting_and_Counters

I wish Duolingo would integrate learning all the different rules for counters in the course. Currently you have to completely rely on posts like this in the forums or external resources.


It doesn't accept "which day of the week is April 4th"


I wrote "what week day is April fourth" and it crapped the bed.


曜日 (youbi) can be any day from Sunday-Saturday. A "weekday" is only Monday-Friday, so my guess would be that that's why it wasn't accepted.


It marks April the Fourth wrong, as oppose to April fourth. Here in the UK its common to say the first bit, so its frustrating it gets marked as wrong.


Flag it. Every single time until it's fixed.


It marked "what day is April 4" wrong


Same here. No idea why.


Because you wrote 4, not 4th.


Duolingo is pronouncing this as なんようひ instead of the expected なんようび: is the former a valid alternative pronounciation?


No, it’s wrong. It’s reading it correctly at the top of the sentence discussion, but it seems like during the lessons there are a lot of incorrrct audio readings lately. All we can do is report it, but the contributors have said that they can’t fix the audio.


I hear it as び not ひ at the end.


Why can't you say: "What day will be the 4th of April?" Since it can be in the future.


The word "be" should probably be at the end of the sentence, but otherwise it should be accepted.


Forgot to mention: it's specifically asking about the day of the week.


4, because of its strong association with death, is considered very unlucky. To the point that house numbers, apartment numbers, even floors of buildings just skip over 4 - they don't exist! Makes me wonder who creates these lessons?? Nihonjin wouldn't include this sentence. They'd avoid using or mentioning 4 (Except where it's absolutely necessary) like the plague!


Four and Nine, because four sounds like death 死 (し) and nine can sound like suffering 苦 (く). Hospitals in Japan tend to avoid having rooms with these numbers.

This factoid is courtesy of Easy Japanese, the radio podcasts that teach beginners how to comprehend the japanese they hear.


I know it to be the case from living in Japan : ) And yes, 9 is also considered unlucky because it is associated with くるしみ の く.


Why are all tiles mispronouncing 日 as hi?


I typed 「4月4日は何曜日ですか。」 → wrong 「四月四日は何曜日ですか。」→ wrong Duolingo, Pleeeeeeeeease!

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