Plural Possessives Being Graded Incorrectly

From Deliciae: "If you have issues with the plural possessive being graded incorrectly in this sentence and/or being shown a possessive without the required apostrophe as a recommended answer, please take a screenshot and make a thread about it in the Troubleshooting forum and/or report it as a bug.

Remember to make it clear that this is a recurring issue affecting all plural possessives, and not just a case of a missing accepted translation.

We made the developers aware of this issue over a year ago, but new features keep getting priority over bug fixes. Perhaps a little more user attention in channels they actually read might do the trick."

(Thank you, Deliciae, for being aware of this issue and doing everything that Duolingo permits you to do to correct it.)

"They are using the cooks' knives." That is a correct sentence in English.

"They are using the cooks knives." That is a completely meaningless collection of words.

By showing the second option, Duolingo is teaching incorrect English, and has been doing so for years.

Cooks' Knives.jpg

I do not know how to attach a screen shot here, but I have taken several of them, of the various times that Duolingo is making this mistake. Although I have not gotten all the way through Norwegian yet, is seems to happen every time that an English word requires and apostrophe to complete it.

It is important to fix this, not from a scoring standpoint, but because Duolingo is, through this error, teaching incorrect English.

It is an error that has been going on for years, clearly, based on the comments in the "Discuss this sentence" threads, but Duolingo is refusing to do anything about it.

If you cannot teach correct English, you should not be promoting yourselves as teachers.

Take the time to fix the bug, Duolingo, or I will recommend to all my students that they go over to Memrise instead.

June 25, 2017


That is an rather large mistake. You can report a general bug here and here is how to report an incorrect translation to the course contributors.

P.S. Click here for a formatting guide that will tell how to add a screenshot. :)

June 25, 2017

Still a bug as of March 2019. Possessive plurals are not just graded incorrectly, they are being presented incorrectly. Word choice questions show the word with the required ending apostrophe missing.

March 11, 2019

As a work-around, I found that entering two successive single quotes instead of one, results in the answer being accepted.

So in the example above, you would type "They are using the cooks'' knives." (That is two single quotes, not one double quote.)

Maybe this helps the development folks to fix the issue. (Note that I am using the webbrowser version, not the app.)

August 31, 2017
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