"The woman needs this bag."

Translation:Die Frau braucht diese Tasche.

June 25, 2017

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this sounds like a pushy salesman


I wrote- Die Frau braucht diese Tüte-and it was marked wrong. I don't understand why.....I thought Tüte also meant Bag and I used diese as in feminine noun.


I've added it now, together with Beutel.

This seems to be a fairly new sentence; we can't always think of all synonyms ourselves and this one hasn't had enough time to accumulate them through people reminding us of ones we've missed.


Beutel = bag should also correct


Did you use the correct gender for the dmonstrative pronoun?


Why can't "dies" or "diesen" be used here? What is the difference between them? Danke!



Die Frau braucht diesen Hund (masculine), diese Katze (feminine) und dieses Pferd (neuter).

Tasche is feminine so you need diese in the accusative case.


Why is Tasche incorrect?


It's fine, as long as you use the appropriate (feminine) demonstrative determiner before it, as in diese Tasche.

It's best to ask about entire sentences -- it's possible that your mistake is not in one word but in another part of the sentence. For example, if you had use dieses Tasche or diesen Tasche (with a neuter or masculine demonstrative together with a feminine noun).


I used the exact word that it said was incorrect.


It's not enough for individual words to be correct; the combination has to be correct as well.

For example, "an" is a good English word and "word" is a good English word, but the combination "an word" is not correct.

What was the exact sentence that you typed?

Did you, perhaps, use an article of the wrong gender, that did not match the noun you wanted to use it with?

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