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Strengthening skills

For the past 10 minutes, I have been trying to strengthen a certain skill (flirting), and it just won't strengthen. I have tried multiple times, 5 or 6, possibly more, and it won't work. I know it doesn't take more than that to strengthen something, especially when I get no answers wrong.

I have tried closing out the app, pulling it up again. Refreshing the page, that didn't work. I might have to power down my phone and up again, but I'm not sure that will resolve it. I know other users have had problems with this, as I have seen similar discussions regarding this topic.

-It's high noon.

June 25, 2017



Did you try individually redoing each lesson within flirting?
Oh, and could you move this to troubleshooting? Click edit, and there'll be a dropdown bar at the top of the page, where you can choose the topic. Choose troubleshooting. Thanks! I hope you solve your problem!


No, but unless this problem is a glitch, that won't work either. Mainly because the 'strengthening's' purpose is to 'strengthen' the skills back to golden. I will however try that, just to see if it's a glitch. Thanks for the info. I didn't think of that.

-It's high noon.


Redo one or more lessons in the skill. There is a bug that causes some lessons not to become gold again by using general strengthening.


I'll try that. However. I wasn't general strengthening. It was that of a specific skill I tried to strengthen.

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