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Watch. Be Amazed. 4-year-old Russian girl stuns crowd by speaking fluently in 7 languages!! :O

Wow. If this 4-year-old can speak 7 languages, surely I can learn Spanish at age 32!!

Check out her amazing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tuhs2GWrnXc.

June 25, 2017



I recall an unrelated incident. My mother's family moved from Austria to Russia after she was born, and back to Austria when she was 4. Although her first language was German, she must have picked up Russian without knowing it.

She went back to Russia aged about 60, and she started noticing that she could understand people a bit. As she tried, more came back to her.

You never really forget any language you learn, so even if you give up for a while, take heart that you can return and you won't have lost all your efforts!


That's very good to know. :) Thanks for sharing!


It's a lot easier to learn languages at an early age. I'm not trying to diminish her talent, she seems amazing, but you are not going to find many older people who can learn like that (there have been a few I believe).

The good thing is that learning a new language appears to prevent cognitive decline as you get older, so it's definitely worth it for us oldies!


I understand what you mean, but while you said you may not find many older people who can learn like that, how many 4-year-olds can learn like that as well and speak 7 languages? Yeah, too lazy to research that, but yeah, she is amazing.


Man I only know 5 languages =(


I hope to be just like her someday. There are no words for that. That is just amazing.

-It's high noon.


On one hand: oh man, I feel so stupid right now. On the other hand: well, I guess I could learn some languages in the future.


Here's a longer video that I just watched of this 4 year old. The subtitles are in English. If you already watched the short video of her on YouTube, you HAVE to watch this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcpkJ8mZzd0. There are English subtitles in this video.


That is unbelievable!!!!!!

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It kinda sucks to realize that I haven't been able to come even close to her in 3 years, assuming she started talking at 1 (she is 4 years old in the video and I am getting close to a 3-year streak)...

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