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Duolingo for web much harder now.

I find since they launched the big updates for the web version, it's much, much more difficult. It's giving me multiple words in sentences it never has before, and it's saying I'm wrong even for minor typos. I feel like I had seen somewhere this is a known issue, is that actually a thing? It's a real pain and is discouraging me from continuing further.

June 25, 2017



It's less forgiving for small mistakes, you're right about that. Think of it as a bit of short term gain that will help you in the long run.


If I put el over él, it will usually say, Pay attention to the accents."


The web version is optimised for bigger screens, and for proper keyboards. It's a more effective teaching tool as a result, as well as being more difficult.


I find the web easier than the app.


Same, Its faster too.


duolingo is just trying to make you accurate, don't let it discourage you because eventualy you wont make mistakes or forget accents or anything, and you will be able to confidently use a language

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