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  5. "へやはどこですか?"


Translation:Where is the room?

June 26, 2017



Just a small doubt. Is へや ment to be used as a bedroom, or just any room in general?


It can refer to any room, but if someone says わたしのへや to mean "my room," it can also be taken to mean one's bedroom the same way it is in English. The specific word for bedroom is 寝室 (しんしつ).


How do i know the difference between "a room" and "the room"


I think it might help to get a bit grammar-y here

です is a copula - it's used to describe what something is, its state. あります/います are used to say that something exists at all, but no more than that.

Here we have です, so you know the sentence is about some attribute of a specific thing - in this case, where that thing is located. (When you see です, you can sort of think that the sentence is basically saying something is X, describing a thing or saying how things are)

So because the topic (marked with は) is room, we're obviously talking about either a specific room, or rooms in general (no particular room). "Where is a room" is like a general rhetorical question - where is a room located? It doesn't really make a lot of sense. "Where is the room" just fits better - you want to know where a specific room is located

The other reading of "where is a room" (meaning "where does a room exist?") makes more sense (even if it's awkward English) - but the important point is that's a question about existence, which would need あります instead of です.

Sorry that was a bit long, but hopefully it helps people get a better intuitive sense of what Japanese sentences mean, and then translating it into the same idea in English gets a bit easier


How stoned do you have to be to lose a room?


Muchas gracias. Como ustedes dijo es un poco largo pero es muy útil colaboraciones como la suya.


wow, I love in-depth comments like this!


Thank you for the in depth explanation


Thank you so much!


It was accepted to write both "a kitchen" and "the kitchen" but not with room


aww duolingo getting us ready for hotels and stuff, that's sweet


lol, they won't let me use kanji; 部屋はどこですか


Japanese has no definite article. This means "a" or "the" room depending on the context.


I'll totally ask this for secret rooms


Or when looking for the movie the room


I need help. Does someone can explain how you would say "were is MY room"?


I'll try. I think, adding 私の「わたしの」 to the beginning should do the trick:


Please someone correct me if i'm wrong on this one.




Whyyyyy does it not accept kanji? It is driving me nuts.


へやは どこですか。


In a hotel that's heavily booked a person may ask for 'a' room maybe in another hotel. When assigned they would ask for 'the' room. This sentence can be used in both cases.


In the bargain bin, if it's lucky.

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