"They buy the other suits."

Translation:Ele cumpără celelalte costume.

June 26, 2017

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Why is it "ele cumpără celelalte costume"? And not: "ele cumpără ceilalți costume"?

Costume is masculin plural right?

I don't get it.


Sorry, it is n e u t r u!


Costum is a neuter noun, so it takes a masculine ending in the sigilat and a feminine ending in the plural


same here, very confusing


Why does cumpara costumele celalte work? How would i know it's they? I could buy the other suits.

Eu cumpara costumele celalte. Ei cumpara costumele celalte. Assuming those two sentences are correct grammatically, how would i know in the original sentence that this is not he or she buying the other suits


I'm not sure I understand your question. Verb conjugation makes it clear that you can't use "eu"; that would be: "eu cumpăr costumele celălalte".

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