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"Filosofie helpt om de werkelijkheid van de wereld te begrijpen."

Vertaling:Philosophy helps to understand the reality of the world.

March 23, 2014

4 opmerkingen


Waarom is "the world's reality" fout?


Technically this could be a correct translation, but there is a subtle distinction in English... "the world's reality" makes it sound like what philosophy helps you understand is the fact of the world's being real (as opposed, say, to an illusion), whereas "the reality of the world" would be probably understood as the circumstances that actually exist in the world or the real situation that holds true of the world (as against having a completely wrong understanding of or false view about the world and its nature), which is the more likely meaning here (though since we're talking about philosophy, I suppose it could be either, lol).


It still wrong, why?


Iets word fout gerekend en was goed

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