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  5. "Muuzaji anauza matunda"

"Muuzaji anauza matunda"

Translation:The seller is selling fruit

June 26, 2017



English usage is ‘the seller is selling fruit’ so should be accepted.


Now fixed (May 2018). Lots of other examples fixed too.


"A seller" should also be accepted, but it isn't


Is Matunda only plural?


Yep. The singular is tunda.

The issue you're probably having here, reading through the lines a bit, is that we rarely use "fruits" in English except to talk about different types of fruit, or in some special contexts and phrases. It's generally uncountable. So you can think of it like this:

tunda = a piece of fruit
matunda = pieces of fruit

If it doesn't accept "fruit", that's an error with the course and will eventually be fixed for sure.

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