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  5. "It is 100 yen."

"It is 100 yen."


June 26, 2017





There's an AKB48 song that was helpful to me while learning the use of hyaku 百: "三百六十五日" (さん ひゃく ろく じゅう ご にち) or 365 days. It's really useful to try another numbers and there are a lot of Japanese songs with numbers in the lyrics. Music has been a very helpful tool to learn another languages to me.


In another sentence, it was necessary to put a 一 before a 万 (一万午百です), why here is it not necessary to put a 一 before the 百?


Japanese is using a 10000 repetition number system, it's just the way it is.

一 10^0

十 10^1

百 10^2

千 10^3

一万 10^4

一万十 10^5

一万百 10^6

一万千 10^7

一億 10^8

And so on and so forth


Thanks! That list is helpful. I really wish this lesson had started by mapping either hirigana or kanji to number meanings and then progressed to mapping hirigana to kanji.


Sorry, but I don't think that's correct. 10^5 is 100,000 but the Japanese number you wrote translates into 10,010. And your Japanese number for 1,000,000 translates into 10,100, etc. You got the order of the kanji wrong.


10^5 is 十万 . All the higher power of 10 replace "one" for the appropiate power increase. Like how 二十 is 20 while 十二 is 12.


I think, it is incorrect

「一万十」 10010 (10000 + 10) 「十万」 10^5 (10 * 10000)

「一万百」 10100 (10000 + 100) 「百万」 10^6 (100 * 10000)

「一万千」 11000 (10000 + 1000) 「千万」 10^7 (1000 * 10000)

Please, correct me if I am wrong


Side note: 100 yen is around 1 us dollar

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This is why, when I was in Japan about 10 years ago, you'd see 百円や or 100 yen stores. Or basically a dollar store.


Same with the Canadian dollar.


i remember that 百 is 100 because it looks like a 100 sideways.


How do you pronounce it?

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