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  5. "Ich bin bei euch zu Gast,"?


"Ich bin bei euch zu Gast,"?

  1. What is the meaning of zu in "Ich bin bei euch zu Gast,"? Can I say "Ich bin in diesem Flugzeug zu Piloten,"?

  2. What is the difference between schmutzig and dreckig?


June 26, 2017



I am German too, my English is bad. Bei jemandem zu Gast sein= to be somebody's guest. That is the same, if we say: bei jemandem zu Hause sein= to be in somebody's house In your sentence above you cannot use "zu" only: ich bin in diesem Flugzeug bei den Piloten. Do you understand me ? http://woerterbuch.reverso.net/deutsch-englisch/bei%20jdm%20zu%20Gast%20sein


(bei jemandem) zu Gast sein is idiomatic, so you just have to learn that construction as it is. The Pilot/Flugzeug sentence does not work - it's not intelligible to a German speaker (as proven by Kimentsch's second comment).

  1. schmutzig = like my dress is dirty dreckig = like my car is dirty

SCHMUTZIG is a LITTLE BIT less ditrty than DRECKIG but its nearly the same. You can use both for all and everybody would understand you!!!!

ps. sorry my english is bad im from Germany but i hope it will help you :)


It is alright. My English is good and I am struggling to understand German sentences. :)

  1. I can't understand what you mean pls. "say" it again :)
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