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The amount of total hours spent on Duolingo

How we can find out how many hours we have studied in Duolingo, I mean from the beginning up to now ?

June 26, 2017



Haha....I'd also like to know this. I'd even "purchase" that information in the store.


yes, its good to know


you can do anything, don't say that :)


I'm somewhat happy about that... part of me doesn't want to know how many hours I've spent on Duolingo.


If you are using the web based Duolingo there is a "leaderboard" under your daily number (also indicating number of hours left). I do not follow anyone nor do I compete with others so all these stats are my own. There are 3 tabs - this week, this month and all time as to your XP numbers but I don't know how that translates into hours. I guess it depends on how fast you can answer and move on to another lesson.


yes, maybe 4min per 10xp

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