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We will be together again soon, my dear Duolingo!


For those who don't know me, I am an old Duolingo member (from September 11th, 2013). I was very active for the first 2 years in a row, but then I stopped a bit due to studies, work and travels.
Now I am travelling, I will be back home in less than a week, so I haven't used Duolingo at all for the last few months (a long backpacker journey around Europe and South America), BUT I have been looking at the "discussion" section during all this time whenever I have some free time, which means I am updated about all that has happened here: No "translation" section, no "messages", no "activity stream", no "interaction" among DuoUsers and I also read about the issue with Japanese (yes, this affects me since I just use the web version).
Today I saw Duolingo Labs and it seems to be amazing! After all these bad news previously mentioned, it is so good to see such a nice thing (DuoLabs)! I tried the Spanish one a bit and it looks so nice: real voices and contexts.
I will be back home next Sunday, and if I can, I will start with my normal Duolingo practice. Even if I am travelling now and seeing amazing landscapes and people, I have to admit that I miss Duolingo, travelling for such a long time is tiring and I miss routine, believe it or not.

I miss you, Duolingo... I will be back soon and I will start my DuoRoutine again! I am excited about that, to be honest.

See you, my dear and beloved DuoCommunity! :)

June 26, 2017



Safe travels.


how did you get that much streak?


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Oh hey! I joined September 18, 2013. Only 7 days after you did. :D (Though, I must say, your levels are much more impressive.) Did you have much opportunity to put some of your Duo languages to work on your backpacking trip? I'd love to know more about that.

PS, I am just learning my way around backpacking. I have a Deuter 70 liter that I'm in love with. (Though, if I were a smaller bunny, I'd go with the Deuter Kikki, because it looks a bit like Duo :D)
Deuter Duo


And you did not tell us a single word about using the languages on your travels. So..??? : D


Wow! I hope you had a great time.


Welcome back! Something interesting is that you started using Duolingo exactly one day after me. I started September 10th, 2013!


Happy travels! I heard the duo labs is amasing ( though I didn't bother trying it XD )


We're glad to have you back! And as others have said, do consider sharing how you used languages in your adventures. =]


Tell us how did you utilize your languages during your journeys.

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