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How to contact a moderator

Anyone knows how I can contact a moderator? I found this link whit a list of moderators.


But I can’t find a way to send a message to them. Anybody who knows?

June 26, 2017



One of the consequences of losing the ability to post on people's activity :-\

Interestingly enough, the Help on contacting moderators hasn't been updated yet...

So we're normally only left with point 3 if you want to report abuse:

3. If you can't find a moderator in our forums, fill out the Submit a Bug Report form and select [Report Abuse] from the "Type of issue" drop-down menu. Include a screenshot and the usernames of those involved so that we can investigate.
link here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Thanks a lot for taking the time to answering my question. I was kind of confused yesterday, since I was looking for this place where you supposedly would be able to post on peoples’ activity stream. But if it is removed, that explains it.

Actually, I’m a researcher and I wanted to post a link to a survey regarding the user-experience of Duolingo on this forum. So, I wanted to check that it was alright to do so. I guess that is not reporting abuse. Well, I will see if I can find a moderator somewhere :).

Again, thanks for helping me!


I'm not a moderator and I don't speak for Duolingo, but I've seen posts with surveys about languages on the forums before, and no-one's had a problem with them. Your research is into language learning, after all.

P.S. - If you want to reply to someone, click the reply button. That way the conversation stays together.


Thanks for the info!

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